FBCB CHILDREN’S MINISTRY MISSION STATEMENT - to love and teach children about Jesus. Ministering to their families to encourage and teach the importance of God as the foundation of their home. Children are gifts from God to us. We are responsible in showing them the way to salvation in Jesus. Growing children spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally and guide them to understand God’s purpose for their life. 

Children's Activities include:

Mission Friends:   Offers preschool kids the chance to learn about missionaries from all over the world, exploring what other cultures wear, do, eat, and more.

RA's (Royal Ambassadors):   Fun way for young boys (Grades 1-6) to participate in mission projects, make race cars, go on an annual camp out, and participate in educational activities.

GA's (Girls in Action):   Fun and educational activities for young girls (Grades 1-6) to participate in mission projects, craft projects, reading books, and connect with other girls their age.

G-Force:  Monthly kids worship group for preschool - grade 6.

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Wednesday Nights 

  • Children's Music 6:00 - 6:45 pm
  • Children's Mission (RA's, GA's & Mission Friends) 6:45 - 7:30 pm

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